UNITED is opening the opportunity for delegates of UNITED supporter organisations to become members of UNITED’s Youth Advisory Board.

 Today, the whole World is concerned with the lurking shadow of the Covid pandemic and a war in Europe and the constant decline of human rights of vulnerable groups and a constant attack on our dignity and privacy. Tomorrow, the effects on the economy, on the societies, on the psychological health of the persons and more populist, racist, nationalist and fascist political agendas will be visible.

Migrants, ethnic and religious minorities are and will be among the most affected by the health and economic consequences of the crisis. Our mission is to echo their voices through a youth lead, grassroot, diverse and anti-racist network of organizations all over Europe. 

Our network is also evolving and growing UNITED – the already biggest grassroots antiracist network in Europe – is recruiting new forces for its advisory board.

Join us in our struggle for a more social, more fair, more equal UNITED world!


Role of the Youth Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is responsible for setting a strategic direction for the UNITED network, based on the network organisations’ needs and objectives. Board members take part in decision-making processes, guiding quality improvement, assessing effectiveness of UNITED activities, as well as offering innovative advice and dynamic perspectives.

 Structure of the Youth Advisory Board

The Advisory Board will consist of 5-9 international members who are delegates of supporter organisations. 70% of the delegates will be selected from applicants under the age of 30. Gender and geographical balance will be taken into consideration.

 Mandate:  The mandate of the Board is three years long.


  • Taking an active role in strategic planning and decision-making
  • Holding continuous cooperation with the UNITED Secretariat
  • Providing expert insight in key areas of UNITED’s activities
  • Assessing effectiveness of UNITED’s activities
  • Representing the network at international platforms
  • Offering advice on fundraising strategies


Board Members are expected to allocate appr. 10 hours per month to contribute to the work of UNITED and to attend regular meetings (both online and in presence).

The position is voluntary, no financial compensation is offered to the members.

Personal Specifications:

  • Being a member/volunteer of a supporter organisation of UNITED
  • Ensuring enthusiasm and passion for the values of the UNITED network
  • Speaking and writing professionally in English
  • Being confident and willing to work as part of a diverse and international team
  • Holding organisational experience 


Applicants are required to fill in the application form and to attach their CV highlighting their relevant experience. Board members will be selected by the current Board and secretariat of UNITED until March 1st..

 Deadline for nomination:  February 1st


Advisory Board Nomination

By submitting this , your organisation nominates a candidate for becoming a member of UNITED’s Advisory Board.

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