House Divided Against Itself? Identities and Cultures in Violent Conflict

Europe and many parts of the world are experiencing tension, fear and unrest caused by the surfacing and eruption of new and old threats: financial uncertainty and crisis, religious and ethnic intolerance, waves of legal and illegal immigration, and minorities that claim autonomy and political recognition. This unrest has increasingly given rise to hatred, violence… Read more »

Unite Against Racism and Fascism UAF National Conference

Participation fee: 6.00 – 12.00 GBPThis year far right and fascist groups advanced across Europe. The whipping up of racism against immigrants, black communities, increased Islamophobia and Antisemitism has been its cutting edge. The racism of UKIP has been mainstreamed and looks set to worsen with major parties launching a war to outbid each other… Read more »

UAF Protest in Dudley

The English Defence League (EDL) is using the backlash against Muslims to mobilise for its demonstration in Dudley.It says it is objecting to plans for a mosque in the area. But since the Paris killings the protest has become a key event for any racists wanting to march against Muslims. Local activists are organising a… Read more »