May 2014

European Parliament Elections

In May 2014 a new EU Parliament will be chosen. By you.

The elections come amidst a crisis that strikes Europe hard. Across the continent people lose jobs, lose income, lose hope.

These are the circumstances some political parties and movements are taking advantage of. Seemingly easy solutions are promised by these parties, like: leave the EU, cancel international agreements that cost money, close the borders, etc.

Easy scapegoats are found to blame: migrants, minorities, refugees, Muslims, Jews. According to these parties, those are the groups to be blamed for anything that goes wrong in our societies.

The so-called solutions and scapegoats are used to gain power and influence, to win votes, and -in the end- to win seats in the European Parliament (EP).

Some of these parties previously refrained from cooperating with each other. The Dutch PVV, for example, did not want to be associated with the French Front National because of its far-right image. Now, with the EP elections in sight, PVV and Front National formed an alliance for the EP elections. What binds them is extreme nationalism, an anti-EU agenda, and anti-migration/ -migrant policy. Their goal is to win as much influence in the EP as possible. More far-right parties may join them. Together they cover the whole range of intolerance and hate: against migrants, Muslims, Jews, people of African Descent, gays and lesbians.

We believe in the freedom of expression. It is one of the fundamentals of our democracies. But we do not believe this fundamental freedom can be used to strip others from their fundamental rights and freedoms, like the right to be treated equal or the freedom of religion. Nor do we believe, this freedom should be used to insult people because of their race, ethnicity, or religion. We oppose the spread of hate and racism dividing our societies.

We cannot accept that some parties treat some people as lesser participants in our society because of their race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or any other irrelevant characteristic that could be perceived as “different”. And we do not believe in dividing different groups in society, which is precisely what these parties seek.

Instead, we believe in an inclusive European society in which everyone is able to enjoy full equality/ equality of outcomes and participate actively without barriers. By shaping an environment where everybody can contribute with his or her respective and diverse skills and talents, we can achieve a more vibrant, innovative, and successful Europe.

Once every five year you can make a choice for a new European Parliament. It is your democratic, fundamental right to vote.

Whatever your choice is, we think basic fundamental rights should be respected. We think that parties that do not respect these values do not deserve our votes, your vote.

It is up to you. You decide, you choose.

Your vote can make the difference.

Your vote can divide, your vote can unite.


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This campaign is a cooperation between The European Network Against Racism (ENAR)HOPE not hate and UNITED for Intercultural Action.