Statement of Solidarity with the victims in Hamburg

Solidarity with the victims of Hamburg attack

UNITED for Intercultural Action expresses deep sympathy and solidarity with the suspected terror attack victims in Hamburg.    According to the news agencies, at least seven people have been killed and eight others injured in a shooting that took place on Thursday night at a Jehovah’s Witness center in Hamburg. This attack is a painful… Read more »

Statement on the tragedy in Crotone

Survivors of Crotone's tragedy

*photocredit: Antonino D’Urso/KONTROLAB/LightRocket/Getty Images   Another tragedy that could be prevented. Early on Sunday, a wooden sailing boat carrying refugees crashed into rocks near the coast of Italy’s Calabria region. The boat broke apart while trying to land near Crotone. Authorities confirmed that 62 people have died, including 12 children. According to the coast guard… Read more »

UNITED Statement on Turkey and Syria Earthquake

Ruins after earthquake

What happened in the last hours it’s not only a tragedy but a global catastrophe and as such it demands global solidarity Monday morning at 4.17 there was a 7.8 scale earthquake that lasted 90 seconds! ( The area of the quake was enormous, like 300 kms across and covered 10 cities, bigger than the… Read more »

UNITED at the International Peace Forum

UNITED speaks at the International Peace forum

UNITED speaks at the International Peace Forum As the largest anti-racist network in Europe, UNITED were invited to speak at the International Peace Forum, initiated by the Network People and Peace in Sweden together with International Peace Bureau (IPB) and Prague Spring 2 network (PS2).  The International Peace Forum aimed to unite various social movements… Read more »


CALL FOR CEASEFIRE IN NAGORNO-KARABACH #CEASEFIRENOW #PEACEinNagornoKarabach Joint statement We, UNITED for Intercultural Action, No Hate Speech Network, Prague Spring 2, Youth Center “Perspektiva”, IMPRESS, Alliance for Labour and Solidarity, Activists for Peace, Human Rights Association, APICE and YAN express deep and grave concerns over the escalating violence between Azerbaijan and Armenia over the Nagorno-Karabakh… Read more »

Belarus: UNITED calls the government to respect the rights of all citizens to peaceful demonstrations

Image: Andrei Bortnikau (Shutterstock) UNITED For Intercultural Action expresses its solidarity with the Belarusian civil society in the face of the government’s repression. We are deeply concerned about the violent mass repression against peaceful demonstrators, nongovernmental organizations, journalists and political opponents in Belarus. The reports we have received from grassroots activists and journalists echo the… Read more »