List of various resources, guides, tools

There are many resources online that can help you secure your data. They can help you, for instance, on issues like:

  1. don’t overexpose your email address – careful with BCC and CC!
  2. use a different password for every site
  3. be creative when creating a new, unique password (there are guides online, like this one, with useful tips for an advanced level of password creation)
  4. use wireless encryption (WPA2) 
  5. only allow devices that comply with your security policy to access your network
  6. sensitive/confidential data must be encrypted. Best habit would be to prevent distribution via mail, blogs, forum etc.
  7. avoid using mail with your name and company, use another secondary mail to avoid spam 
  8. opt out for further information or offers when you fill forms on websites
  9. keep a regular check on account ( check statements and suspicious transactions)
  10. about buying online: check terms on use and data protection + only purchase through website using encryption (https://).

Make it an habit of checking out the privacy policies of the website you use. For instance, you can find the privacy policies of the most used social media platforms here:

Some other resources you could find helpful: