UNITED Participates in “Safety Awareness in the Digital Era” youth mobility.

SADE youth mobility in Palermo

UNITED Participates in “Safety Awareness in the Digital Era” youth mobility.

UNITED for Intercultural Action is pleased to announce the successful completion of the youth mobility part of the Erasmus+ KA2 project “Safety Awareness in Digital Era” (SADE), focused on empowering the youth with essential competencies necessary for the appropriate use of digital tools in this age of technology.


Held in Palermo, Italy last July 3-11, the SADE training course drew a diverse group of participants coming from Italy, Latvia, Hungary, Poland, and Spain, who engaged in an immersive learning experience that covered critical topics of digital security, well-being, privacy, and critical thinking in the cyber environment.


Throughout the project, participants actively collaborated and designed interactive escape rooms which fostered creativity and teamwork while educating their peers the importance of self-awareness on their own digital footprint. Participants who completed the project emerged with enhanced digital skills, a deeper understanding of the cyber environment, and the ability to advocate for digital safety and privacy.


We thank our partners, trainers, and participants for their dedication and contribution to the success of the SADE training course.


By Eunice Ayen Ondo, Intern at UNITED for Intercultural Action