Safety Awareness in the Digital Era - Sade – 2023

The project "Safety Awareness in Digital Era" aims to contribute to increasing the digital skills of young people and youth workers in a specific thematic area (security, well-being and digital privacy) which is often addressed in an incomplete way or with an inaccessible language. Since the direct involvement of young people is fundamental to raise awareness on these issues, the project strives to trigger dynamics that see young people as messengers and promoters towards their peers in a logic of peer education and enhancement of civic participation for collective well-being. Training modules and escape rooms on the themes of online security, privacy and digital well-being are envisioned to achieve project goals.

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    “Safety Awareness in Digital Era – SADE” Project Meeting in Latvia

    On 3rd and 4th of November we attended the transnational meeting for “Safety Awareness in Digital Era – SADE“, hosted by Radi Vidi Pats in the city of Liepaja (Latvia) and with partners from Italy, Poland and Spain. The project is dedicated to the creation of escape games dedicated to #safety and #security in the digital world.… Read more »

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