12th IMISCOE Conference Rights, Democracy and Migration

Undocumented migrants – including illegal”, overstayers, rejected applicants for asylum, non-registered EU-migrants, or formerly “regular” migrants – are typically marginal to the rights and service provision of receiving societies, although with strong variations across and within them. Their claims and needs are often addressed, if at all, by grassroots civil society initiative and through their… Read more »

TRAYCE – Training of Trainers for Youth in the Council of Europe

Participation fee: 60 EurosThroughout this training course, 25 participants will: -gain a good understanding of the Council of Europe’s institutional framework, values, principles and practices underlying non-formal education with young people in the Council of Europe and in developing coherence and consistent non-formal education training activities; -develop competences to design, run and evaluate non-formal education… Read more »

Marxism Festival

Participation fee: weekend 20€, saturday 15€, sunday 10€The Marxism Festival is the annual meeting place for activists and leftwing politicians in the Netherlands. A weekend full of criticism of the system, political theory and discussions about the most relevant issues of the moment. The discussions this year include the fight over the University of Amsterdam,… Read more »

Unwelcome: Homeless EU Migrants, the Law, Rights and Challenges

On 23 April The AIRE Centre will bring together lawyers, academics and voluntary organisations at a conference to share experiences and brainstorm ideas on the topic of homeless EU migrants in London.The event will focus on the legality of removing homeless EU nationals to their home countries and creating innovative European law-based solutions to counteract… Read more »

Interculturalism in Historical Education

Target group: researchers, practitioners, museum professionals, NGOs, educatorsIn the frame of: The Jewish Cultural Heritage” project supported by EEA Grants from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway We will address the question of how to use knowledge and reflection about the past to build attitudes of openness in today’s globalising world and harness the potential of diversity… Read more »

16th Migration and Human Rights: Perception versus Reality

Target group: studentsThis Conference aims to challenge society’s perception of migration and consider the realities attached to it; from the root causes to the limitations of achieving ‘global’ freedom of movement. What action needs to be taken at national, regional and international levels to combat discrimination and encourage the integration of migrants? What measures can… Read more »

UN Human Rights Council’s 2015 Session

On the eve of the UN Human Rights Council’s 2015 session, courageous champions of human rights from around the world will unite to place urgent situations on the international agenda.

Adequate Shelter is Day and Night Shelter

There will be a protest to send a message to treat refugees as human beings. The protesters will demand the right for refugees to get decent housing: dignified shelter and professional guidance 24 hours per day.Time: 15:00