World Refugee 2024 – Online the new leaflet on UNITED List of Refugees Deaths

Cover of the leaflet on UNITED List of Refugees Deaths

World Refugee Day: Celebrating Strength and Solidarity

Every year on June 20, the world comes together to celebrate World Refugee Day—a day dedicated to honoring the resilience and courage of people who have been forced to flee their home countries due to conflict or persecution. This global observance sheds light on the rights, needs, and dreams of refugees.

Why World Refugee Day Matters

  1. Solidarity with Refugees: This year’s focus is on solidarity with refugees, emphasizing a world where refugees are welcomed. Solidarity means keeping our doors open, recognizing their strengths, and acknowledging the challenges they face.
  2. Finding Solutions: Solidarity also involves finding solutions to their plight. This includes ending conflicts so they can return home safely, ensuring opportunities for them to thrive in welcoming communities, and providing necessary resources.

Remembering Lost Lives

Our work on the topic began 31 years ago when we started compiling the List of Refugee Deaths. This list documents reliable data on refugee deaths related to the Fatal Policies of Fortress Europe since 1993. Tragically, it now contains 60,620 entries—each representing a life lost forever, leaving behind shattered dreams and futures.

Taking Action

To raise awareness about these lost lives, we urge everyone to say #nomoredeaths. Let’s work together to create better migration policies and foster inclusive, welcoming societies for those seeking refuge.

You can find the latest leaflet on the list here. Feel free to use it for your own actions, together with all the materials produced with the campaign.

Don’t forget to let us know about it though, so we can support and spread the word.