Europaweite Fotoaktion am 21.03.2021

  It’s that time of the year – the time when we all gear up in solidarity for the Action Week Against Racism! Our friends at Die Stiftung für die Internationalen Wochen gegen Rassismus  have an excellent agenda planned in Germany – which we encourage everyone to join virtually. You can do so with the visuals… Read more »

June 2004

Euro-vote mixed fortunes for the hard right By Graeme Atkinson, HOPE not hate, and UNITED for Intercultural Action Some of the electoral right-wing extremist and right-wing anti-immigrant/ populist parties that stood in the European elections turned out to be amongst the biggest losers, piling up derisory votes and percentages in country after country. The biggest… Read more »

June 2009

Mixed fortunes but no unity for far-right By Graeme Atkinson, HOPE not hate For the extreme right, the European Parliament (EP) elections brought mixed fortunes with some winners, some notable losers, but overall, no surprises in the election, in which 375 million people where eligible to vote in 27 countries and to decide which parties… Read more »


‘Your Vote Can Unite, You Choose’ Campaign against racism in the European Parliament Press release, 21-05-2014 In the next days citizens all over the EU will vote for a new European Parliament. The elections for the European Parliament from 22-25 May could prove a turning point for the future of the EU. Populist, and racist… Read more »


Victory for some, defeat for more… HOPE not hate European Editor Graeme Atkinson gives his take on the EU elections Across the European Union (EU) at the weekend, voters vented their spleen, expressing real and imagined grievances against austerity, immigration, unemployment, the EU in whole or part, the Euro currency, the ubiquity of corruption and… Read more »

Election monitoring

The Far Right and the European Elections by Cas Mudde (first published in CURRENT HISTORY, March 2014) If we are to believe the international media, this is going to be the year of the “far right anti-European populists.” In the first three days of 2014, The New York Times published two opinion essays warning of… Read more »

Campaign events

Events Here is an overview about interesting events taking place in course of the European Parliament elections from 22 – 25 May 2014. Join activities in your region and use your vote!   Longterm events April/May: 19.05.14-23.05.14 Your Vote Can Unite: Local Campaigning Against the Rise of Populist & Racist Parties in Europe Type of… Read more »

Campaign material

UNITED is offering a 2kg package with the material below for free. Poster (PDF 159 kB) Leaflet (PDF 748 kB) Postcard (PDF 107 kB) Sticker (PDF 87 kB) Campaign partners’ material Italy Italian campaign leaflet Italian campaign logo France French poster frontside (PDF 2 MB) French poster backside (PDF 2 MB) Greece Greek poster in Greek… Read more »

May 2014

European Parliament Elections In May 2014 a new EU Parliament will be chosen. By you. The elections come amidst a crisis that strikes Europe hard. Across the continent people lose jobs, lose income, lose hope. These are the circumstances some political parties and movements are taking advantage of. Seemingly easy solutions are promised by these… Read more »

Campaign Against Criminalisation of the Antiracist Movement

After a violent police raid by 1.000 German officers on 19 December 1999 in the “Mehringhof” centre in Berlin (D), our colleague Harald Glöde, member of the anti-racist and refugee organisation FFM (Forschungsgesellschaft Flucht und Migration) and several other activists were arrested and sent to remand prison under accusation of membership in the “Revolutionäre Zellen”. The trial against Sabine… Read more »