Advancing Racial Justice with UNITED on the ARDW 2024

The European Network Against Racism (ENAR) recently held its annual conference in Brussels on March 20-21, 2024, bringing together a diverse array of civil society organisations, policymakers, and community leaders to discuss the ongoing fight against racism and discrimination in the European Union. The UNITED network, represented by Delegates Dr. Manal Benani and Eunice Ayen… Read more »

UNITED’s Statement on the Terrorist Attack in Moscow

Statement on Moscow terrorist attack

UNITED’s Statement on the Terrorist Attack in Moscow UNITED for Intercultural Action unequivocally condemns the terrorist attack in Moscow happened at Crocus City Hall on March 22nd, where attackers unleashed violence on concertgoers, leading to at least 133 deaths.   Targeting innocent civilians under any circumstance is indefensible. In this moment of profound loss, we… Read more »